This Full Stack MERN Website Development Course will teach you the important skills and knowledge needed for full stack web development. You will learn front-end development with React, back-end development with Node.js and Express, and database management with MongoDB. This course covers all parts of the MERN stack and gives you practical experience and real-world examples.


Module 1: Introduction to Web Development

  • Basics of Web Development
    • What is web development?
    • Overview of front-end and back-end technologies
  • Development Environment Setup
    • Setting up your development environment
    • Introduction to version control with Git and GitHub

Module 2: HTML & CSS

  • HTML Fundamentals
    • Basic HTML structure
    • HTML tags and attributes
    • Forms and input handling
  • CSS Fundamentals
    • CSS syntax and selectors
    • Styling text and layouts
    • Responsive design with media queries
  • Advanced CSS
    • Flexbox and Grid
    • Animations and transitions
    • Preprocessors (Sass)

Module 3: JavaScript & ES6

  • JavaScript Basics
    • Syntax and operators
    • Functions and scope
    • DOM manipulation
  • ES6 Features
    • Let, const, and block scope
    • Arrow functions
    • Template literals
    • Destructuring and spread operator
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
    • Promises
    • Async/Await
    • Fetch API and Axios

Module 4: Front-end Development with React

  • Introduction to React
    • What is React and why use it?
    • Setting up a React project with Create React App
    • JSX syntax and components
  • React Fundamentals
    • Props and state
    • Event handling
    • Lifecycle methods
  • Advanced React
    • React Router for navigation
    • State management with Redux
    • Hooks (useState, useEffect, custom hooks)
    • Context API

Module 5: Back-end Development with Node.js and Express

  • Introduction to Node.js
    • What is Node.js and its advantages?
    • Setting up a Node.js environment
    • Node.js modules and NPM
  • Building RESTful APIs with Express.js
    • Introduction to Express.js
    • Creating routes and handling requests

Module 6: Database Management with MongoDB

  • Introduction to MongoDB
    • What is MongoDB and its advantages?
    • Setting up MongoDB locally and on the cloud
  • CRUD Operations
    • Creating, reading, updating, and deleting documents
    • MongoDB queries and aggregation
  • Mongoose
    • Introduction to Mongoose
    • Defining schemas and models
    • Validations and hooks

Module 7: Integration and Deployment

  • Connecting Front-end and Back-end
    • Making API calls from React
    • Handling CORS issues

Module 8: Project Work

  • Capstone Project
    • Planning and setting up the project
    • Building and integrating all components
    • Final presentation and feedback

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Deepa Tyagi
Deepa Tyagi
13 June 2024
Name - Deepa Tyagi Course - Microsoft office Best institute for every student . And facilities very good or my experience with jp tech has been nothing short of excellent As a coaching centre they have truly surpassed my expesctionn in every way possible.
asad khan
asad khan
10 June 2024
I am mohd asad i am doing full stack development from JP tech institute Very best atmosphere and very educated and experience holder teacher and i am very thanks full to doing my work from there ( A.C labs ) ❤️
8 June 2024
AKASH THAKUR MY COURSE PRIME TALLY ,GST BEST COCHING CENTER There are so many facilities in here like ac classroom digital panel and much more
Dhruv Thakur
Dhruv Thakur
8 June 2024
Dhruv Thakur - A.D.I.T.S.M- i am learning in this institute. The teachers here are very helpfull and teach about everything you need to learn about computer. I had a positive review about this institute and if anyone is looking for learning computer then this will be the best institute for you.
Kehkashan Ansari
Kehkashan Ansari
6 June 2024
Name kehkashan Course tally prime with g.s.t I tried in many institutes but I never got a chance to learn or do anything good But I got to learn and study well in this institute. I liked this institute the best.
Prince Singh
Prince Singh
31 May 2024
जेपी टेक इंस्टीट्यूट कंप्यूटर कोर्स के लिए बहुत अच्छी जगह है, आप यहां कंप्यूटर कोर्स भी कर सकते हैं, आप या सभी कोर्स कर सकते हैं, सर या मैडम बहुत अच्छे हैं, जेपी टेक इंस्टीट्यूट आपको हर समय सिखाने की कोशिश करेगा, इसलिए आप जल्दी से कर सकते हैं आओ और जेपी टेक इंस्टीट्यूट में कोर्स करो, ओ लेवल कक्षाएं हैं चल रहा है
Harshit Chauhan
Harshit Chauhan
25 May 2024
Adca my review - Best institute for every student . And facilities very good or my experience with jp tech has been nothing short of excellent As a coaching centre they have truly surpassed my expesctionn in every way possible. One of the standout features of jp tech institute is their professional faculty looking for the coaching centre with smart boards and no extra fees? I had a positive experience with jp tech institute NAME-- !! HAARSHUU !! course ADCA 🦅🌪️
Prince Kaushik
Prince Kaushik
25 May 2024
My self Prince Kaushik course - ADCA - Best institute for every students and My experience at JP tech institute has been nothing short of excellent. As a coaching centre They have truely surpassed my expectation in every way possible. Looking for a coaching centre with smartboards , professionally faculty, and no extra fees. Their excellent services and communities , I had a positive experince with jp tech institute.🫶👍
Diksha Singh
Diksha Singh
24 May 2024
name: diksha source : O level The experience is quite nice , the atmosphere Is appreciable and educational .
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